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Policy Recommendations

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Year of publication2011
Author(s)Leopold Füreder
Co-authorsThomas Waldner, Aurelia Ullrich-Schneider, Kathrin Renner, Thomas Streifeneder, Anne Katrin Heinrichs, Michaela Künzl, Guido Plassmann, Katrin Sedy, Chris Walzer
PublisherSTUDIA Universitätsverlag
Publication typeJournal, booklet
This document was developed in the context of the holistic strategy of the ECONNECT project, which was funded by the EU within the framework of the European Territorial Cooperation Alpine Space Programme and cofunded by the European Regional Development Fund.
As part of the communication and knowledge transfer strategy, this document has the objective to inform policy makers and decision makers at all levels, from local to regional to trans-national, about key conclusions of the project. It is intended, among others, for government agencies and agencies at EU ministries. The purpose of the policy recommendations is to stimulate further development of and support for the ecological connectivity concept, as its implementation will result in enhanced effectiveness of programmes to conserve biodiversity both in cultural landscapes and in wilderness areas of the Alps, and the ecosystem services associated with it.
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Policy Recommendations Policy Recommendations