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The Alps

The Alps
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Year of publication2009
Author(s)Matevz Lenarcic
Co-authorsJanez Bizjak
Publisher(s)PanAlp d.o.o.
Price€ 49,90.-
"The Alps: A Bird's-Eye View" is a major project with completely new aerial photographs of the entire Alpine chain and up to date texts from experts in the world of geology, climate change, geography, Alpine tourism, natural environment and more. The Alps are a single geographical and geological entity, yet they also constitute a culturally and climatically very diverse region. Besides the Mediterranean region, the Alps are the second largest ecosystem in Europe. The Alpine region today is home to 8 million people who speak eight major languages with many dialects and who are divided into eight nations. "The Alps: A Bird's-Eye View" is a stunning collection of new aerial photographs with 250 colour images showing the Alpine region as it has never been seen before in one collection. From the air, professional photographer, mountaineer and pilot, Matevz Lenarcic has captured the diversity of the 1200 km between Monaco and Vienna.
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