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Energy and spatial Development

Year of publication2009
Publisher(s)Österreichische Raumordnungskonferenz ÖROK
Languagede - abstract in: en
JournalÖROK Schriftenreihe
Publication typeJournal, booklet
The focus of this ÖROK-project „Energy and spatial Development” lies on the thematically and content wise connection of the dimensions “space” and “energy” as well as on the presentation of spatial impacts by the use of renewable energy carriers. Within this project an integrative and Austria wide approach is developed for the first time, which allows for the cartographical visualisation of spatially differentiated potentials of different renewable energy carriers in a systematized and comparable way for entire Austria. Furthermore an overview on corresponding spatial planning instruments and their influence on utilisable potentials of renewable energy carriers are presented. With this a basis of strategic decision making is available for further planning in the energy sector, which amongst others allows for a regional prioritization of the respective energy carrier within planning programs.