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Transboundary Conservation

Year of publication2005
Author(s)Russel A. Mittermeier
Co-authorsCyril F. Kormos, Cristina Goettsch Mittermeier, Patricio Robles Gil, Trevor Sandwith, Charles Besancon
Number of pages372
This book reviews the history of the transboundary conservation concept and application, as well as summarizes the latest information available and the many benefits that these areas provide. The book focuses on 28 transboundary conservation areas, spanning all continents including Antarctica and several marine transboundary conservation areas. It is our hope that a more thorough understanding of transboundary conservation will allow practicioners to harness this mechanism more effectively.

Transboundary Conservation reflects the strong commitment of CEMEX, Conservation International, Agrupacion Sierra Madre, and the WILD Foundation to publish the latest information on global biodiversity conservation. This book highlights the new approach of transboundary conservation -- one that promises to have a profound impact on protected area planning and biodiversity protection, and the potential to influence social and political change around the world.