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Zerschneidung von Lebensräumen durch Verkehrsinfrastrukturen

Year of publication2007
Author(s)Peter Oggier
Co-authorsFrau Franziska Borer Blindenbacher, Dr. Alain Ducommun, Herr Mark Egger, Dr. Otto Holzgang, Dr.Verena Keller, Frau Ursula Bornhauser-Sieber, Frau Daniela Heynen, Dr. Hans Peter Pfister
Publisher(s)Bundesamt für Umwelt BAFU
Co-PublisherBundesamt für Raumentwicklung, Bundesamt für Verkehr, Bundesamt für Strassen. Bern,
Number of pages101
Magazine No.Nr. 0714
Publication typeJournal, booklet
Overview of landscape fragmentation due to linear transport infrastructure in Switzerland. Description of the Swiss transport network and evaluation of its impact on natural habitats and species conservation. Review of studies on fauna casualties as well as impact on population biology of different species like the roe deer, the hare, the lynx or amphibians. Presentation of the different kinds of itigation measures taken to avoid or alleviate fragmentation. Discussion of the effectiveness of measures and cost- effectiveness.