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Guidelines for promoting sustainable agriculture in Alpine mountain regions

Handbuch für Projekte in der Berglandwirtschaft
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Year of publication2006
Publisher(s)SUACI / GIS Alpes du Nord
Number of pages56
Languagede, en, fr, it
The "Guidelines for promoting sustainable agriculture in Alpine mountain regions" in four languages (de/fr/it/en) contains numerous recommendations for the planning and implementation of projects and measures aimed at promoting sustainable agriculture in Alpine mountain regions. A new methodological approach is to ensure the involvement of all key players from a variety of sectors, with particular emphasis to be placed on the role of farmers in project development and in the project teams themselves. The selection of examples cited covers the huge diversity of alpine agriculture and its achievements for the (cultural) landscape, the high natural value of cultivated land and for rural regions worth living in. The handbook summarises the results of the research project "Implementation of sustainable agriculture and rural development in alpine mountains", which was concluded in June 2006 after a period of three years. It involved partners from France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.