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Regional Development and Cultural Landscape Change in the Alps.

Regional Development and Cultural Landscape Change in the Alps.
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Year of publication2005
Publisher(s)Rosinak & Partner
Wolfgang Pfefferkorn
Co-PublisherEgli, H.-R., Massarutto, A.
Number of pages212
PriceCHF 27.-
JournalGeographica Bernensia
Magazine No.G74
Against the background of a growing significance of landscape issues as a regional resource as well as location factor for the future regional development, a number of public and private research institutes of Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland conduct this project on the topic "Regional Development and Cultural Landscape Change".
The primary project objective was to investigate the interrelation between regional development and cultural landscape change. In a future-orientated approach, the team evaluated the necessary adjustments to existing political instruments. The project aimed at combining a top-down and a bottom-up approach. This was achieved by the involvement of local actors in selected pilot regions and a close cooperation with the public authorities concerned in the considered countries. The project area includes the whole of the Alpine region. Detailed investigations were conducted in 6-10 pilot regions.