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With the Alps at our backs

Mar 28, 2019 / alpMedia
The French city of Grenoble aims to become the 2022 “European Green Capital”. It can play its biggest trump card in the build-up to this coveted award: the Alps.
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Grenoble's application focuses on the Alps and climate change. (c) Laurent Espitallier,

Most of the previous “green capitals” are in northern Europe: examples are cities such as Stockholm, Copenhagen or Oslo that have managed to harmonise environmental protection, economic success and quality of life. With the city’s candidacy, Mayor of Grenoble Eric Piolle and local partners now wish to draw attention to the Alps. Climate change is occurring here twice as fast as in other parts of Europe. “We are however twice as creative when it comes to finding solutions”, states Piolle.

The energy revolution, sustainable mobility, the fight against environmental pollution and social justice are the cornerstones of their visionary programme. No less important, according to Piolle, is the establishing of contacts and partnerships throughout the Alpine region: “We are not only doing this for Grenoble: we hope to create partnerships with other cities and regions in the Alps”. In 2016 the Slovenian city of Ljubljana, with its impressive innovations in public transport and revitalisation of the city centre, was crowned “European Green Capital”. Today the big challenge is to ensure that these new features and benefits are extended to the areas surrounding Ljubljana.

The “European Green Capital” award has been presented annually by the European Commission since 2010. The respective winners spend a year as the focus of excursions, discussions and reports and aim to inspire other cities throughout Europe to move towards sustainable urban development.


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