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Via Alpina reborn with a new look

Apr 24, 2024 / Julija Krautberger, CIPRA International
Good news for long-distance hikers: the new Via Alpina website is now online, making it easier and more fun to plan hiking trips through the Alps.
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The Via Alpina is a long-distance hiking trail along which all hikers can make their own individual journeys. © Christina Ragettli

Covering 2500 kilometres, 116 stages and countless adventures, the Via Alpina long-distance hiking trail takes mountain enthusiasts over numerous peaks, all the way from the Adriatic to the Mediterranean. It crosses the borders of eight European countries, introducing different cultures, natural areas and linguistic regions. It connects people sharing the same passion across borders, promotes the European idea and helps contribute to the sustainable development of the Alps as a natural and cultural area.

This spring brings a fresh breeze and a new look to the Via Alpina – the long-awaited update of the trail’s website,, with improved functionality and a modern design for hikers and adventurers.

The new website makes it easier to explore the trail, learn about its history and see the stunning landscapes that it offers. The site offers practical information and convenient ways for planning routes: at the same time, it is an exceptional opportunity to join a community dedicated to the protection of nature.

Private and public stakeholders from the Alpine countries started the Via Alpina project back in the year 2000: CIPRA International took over its management in 2022 and has worked together with the “Via Alpina Explorers” to transform the original five hiking trails into just one – the Via Alpina Red Route. With its improved connectivity, it serves as the main route for the renovated Via Alpina, a trail that connects those with a common passion.

The Via Alpina team wishes you a wonderful, adventure-packed summer!


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