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Ten years of the CIPRA Youth Council

Jul 18, 2023
What do young people need for a good life in the Alps? The CIPRA Youth Council (CYC) celebrated its tenth anniversary at the beginning of July 2023 with a panel discussion, a podcast workshop and a joint hike.
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Hiking in the Valüna valley: CIPRA’s Youth Council explores the Alpine flora and fauna. (c) Nora Leszczynski/CIPRA

On the occasion of its tenth birthday, CIPRA’s Youth Council tackled the topic of quality of life. For example, on 1 July 2023 the members organised a podcast workshop at the Literaturhaus in Schaan/LI. This was followed by a panel discussion with Joanna Kornacki from the Austrian Alpine Association, Axel Giottonini from the Youth Forum of the Swiss Working Group for Mountain Regions and Tom Van de Plassche from “Protect our Winters Italy”. The exchange showed that cultural activities, educational opportunities, entertainment, social contacts and public mobility are particularly important for young people. These offers are often more numerous in cities than in smaller communities. The latter however score points for their great diversity of nature, many sporting opportunities and reduced hustle and bustle.

More attention for young people

Black Alpine salamanders and whistling marmots: on a hike in Steg/LI, CYC members experienced another aspect of Alpine quality of life first hand – biodiversity. Jürgen Kühnis, a lecturer in environmental education at the Schwyz University of Teacher Training, led the group into the Valüna valley and explained the special characteristics of the Alpine flora and fauna there. At a picnic on Alp Valüna, the young adults made plans on how they would like to further their concerns in the next ten years. Alenka Kastelic is convinced: With well thought-out actions, the CIPRA Youth Council can improve the quality of life in the Alps.” Magdalena Christandl adds: “I hope that we will be heard and taken seriously by the various decision-makers at all political levels. Perhaps one or two of us will dare to take up a political office ourselves.”