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Starting signal for the Alpine Ticket

Jul 31, 2019 / alpMedia
In summer, 100 young people are travelling sustainably through the Alps with the “Youth Alpine Interrail”. At the beginning of June they met for a kick-off in Feldkirch, Austria and forged travel plans together.
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“I came across Yoalin by chance and found it super cool,” says 23-year-old Christina from Thun, Switzerland. She is one of the 100 young travellers who are travelling through the Alps on public transport with the “Youth Alpine Interrail” pass in July and August. At the kick-off event in Feldkirch, Austria at the beginning of June, the 34 participants had the opportunity to get to know each other and make plans together. The young adults talked about their favourite places in the Alps and discussed sustainable travel and mobility while speed dating. During a scavenger hunt, they explored Feldkirch, made wax cloths and waterproof bags in workshops and listened to inputs on mobility and climate-friendly lifestyles.

While travelling, the young people are also asked to take part in sustainable “Yoalin Challenges”: living a week as a vegetarian or vegan, collecting garbage on a hike or asking about the myths and legends of a region. On social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook, they report on how they experience these challenges. “I hope that the contact will continue while they travel. I’m looking forward to showing the other Yoalins my home,” Christina says enthusiastically.

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