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Spray-painting for environmental protection

Jun 20, 2017
CIPRA South Tyrol. Urban Green – How does the young generation imagine its city of the future?
Image caption:
Unlimited creativity: exhibition of graffiti art in Bozen. (c) CIPRA South Tyrol, Cristian Newman

It’s a question artists chose to explore by creative means at the 2016 Graffiti Contest. In 2014 CIPRA South Tyrol as the umbrella organisation for nature conservation and environmental protection set up the first jointly organised graffiti competition, together with its local environmental group in Bolzano and the Murarte cultural association. In the interim the event has become well established and is now under the patronage of the municipality of Bolzano. The starting point for staging the competition was how to get a young urban target audience interested and involved in issues of environmental protection. To this end movable partition walls were set up in central locations in Bolzano so people could experience first-hand how graffiti is created. Riccardo Rizzo and Tobias Planer of the Murarte Association are in no doubt that young people are definitely interested in topical issues about nature conservation, environmental protection and the safeguarding of resources. The works created by the participating graffiti artists do not just consist of paint sprayed onto a wall; they comprise views, statements and messages. Urban Green stands for clever mobility solutions, building envelopes that are organic and living, zero-waste concepts, resource conservation; in other words, it stands for towns and cities that people want to live in. In their images the graffiti artists depicted what Urban Green might look like in the future. For CIPRA South Tyrol it was a matter of course that the entire event should be organised in a way that was as resource-friendly as possible. That’s why the graffiti was created on completely reusable partition walls using eco-friendly water-based paints. (de)