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Space is finite

Aug 09, 2017
In 2016 CIPRA examined spatial planning from various perspectives. With the alpMonitor project for instance, it demonstrated under the Spatial Planning rubric how such processes can be tackled at the municipal level and what the potential stumbling blocks might be.

With an interactive presentation anyone with an interest in the topic can accompany the fictional municipality of Alpwil through its decision-making process. The presentation is complemented by a poster illustrating the main steps and statements and a web dossier entitled Raumplanung in den Alpen [Spatial Planning in the Alps].

Under the “Nature and People” rubric of the alpMonitor project, a map of the Alps illustrates protected areas and those who are affected by change and keen to preserve these areas. After completing its review of the “Egarten” case CIPRA International examined whether such changes could be put before the Board of Review of the Alpine Convention and, if so, how. The result is a fact sheet with the relevant recommendations.

Particular attention was focused on the 101st edition of the AlpsInsight magazine entitled Raum ist endlich [Space is finite] and the open letter addressed to the spatial planning conference of the Alpine countries held in Murnau/D in April. In September CIPRA Germany, Austria, South Tyrol and International upped the ante by calling for a stop to large-scale extensions of skiing areas. CIPRA International added further emphasis with the event entitled Da röhrt der Hirsch, da rauscht der Bach [Roaring Deer, Babbling Brooks] at the AlpWeek in Grassau/D in October.

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“It is part of CIPRA’s remit to keep drawing our attention to the vulnerability and uniqueness of our Alpine habitats and to call for protection against irreversible damage, just as it has done with its constructively formulated and highly justified open letter entitled ‘Space is finite’.”

Astrid Rössler, Deputy Governor for the Federal Province of Salzburg/A