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Strange, but true...

Sep 02, 2020 / alpMedia
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Micro-adventures at a mountain lake: usually less lonely than you might expect.

Many are drawn to the mountains for a micro-adventure at the weekend or after work – out of a love for nature and in search of solitude. All it takes is a tent, some beer and a disposable barbecue in a backpack. The narrow gravel road uphill is no problem for the SUV as you quickly pass some e-bikers on the way to the hiking car park. It is full, but fortunately there is still space along the road on the meadow. Nobody’s going to check at this time. After the half-hour mountain tour, the view to the lake finally opens up – click, click, Instapic! Red, green and yellow plastic tents crowd the shore, with “No camping” signs in between. Now pitch the tent, light the coals and put the sausages on the grill. It smells of adventure, smoke and a touch of chemistry. Crack open a cold beer and enjoy the view. Too bad that there are no animals to be seen. But the sound from the beatboxes fits perfectly with the sunset. Ouch! But you wouldn't have expected mosquitoes at this altitude. #naturelover #bestdayever


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