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Living mountain forests

Aug 06, 2020 / alpMedia
Climate protector and habitat, recreational area and timber supplier: forests have many functions, both in the natural ecosystem and for humans. CIPRA Slovenia's “GozdNega / Forest Care” project aims to convince forest owners of the benefits of climate-friendly management.
Image caption:
The "GozdNega" project in Slovenia’s Pahernik Forest organises excursions to demonstrate sustainable forest management. (c) J. Diaci

The Pahernik Forest in northern Slovenia is brimming with biodiversity. The rare Alpine longhorn beetle and the coral tooth fungus are both at home here. While large parts of this 500-hectare mixed forest are deemed nature reserves, it is at the same time very productive from an economic point of view. Visitors can also admire one of the largest and oldest spruces in Slovenia and the whole represents a model of sustainable forest management.

Initiated by CIPRA Slovenia, the “GozdNega” project encourages forest owners to promote climate-resistant forests by means of appropriate forest management, taking account of the forest’s ecological, economic and social functions in equal measure. Mixed forests and appropriate forest management ensure high resistance to extreme weather events caused by climate change and also permit a high level of biodiversity.

CIPRA Slovenia works together with forest owners and forest experts in workshops so as to develop a management model. “As traditional management is often forgotten or no longer even practised, we want to show participants why forest management is so important for healthy, resilient forests”, says Katarina Zakelj of CIPRA Slovenia. Excursions also take participants to visit the Pahernik Forest.

In keeping with the project, the annual “Fire in the Alps” action in Slovenia, held on 8 August, is therefore dedicated to the special role of healthy Forests.


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