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CIPRA strengthens youth participation

Sep 30, 2015 / alpMedia
Numerous young people want to get involved in the issues affecting the Alps. Proof of this was provided by the “Youth Alpine Express” at the CIPRA annual conference in Liechtenstein. The new YAPP online platform provides a link for these activities.
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Young people from the “Youth Alpine Express” project discuss sustainable lifestyles with participants at the CIPRA annual conference in Liechtenstein. © CIPRA International

Young people are one of the keys to sustainable development, and Alpine networks are becoming ever more conscious of this fact. Numerous young people who are interested in participation are thus now working together with members and partner organisations. The YAPP online platform brings together young people with such initiatives.

The website offers information about projects, events and organisations that address youth participation and sustainable development in the Alpine regions. Organisations can upload their data and offerings free of charge to this multilingual platform.

One example of successful youth participation presented on YAPP is the “Youth Alpine Express” project, in which CIPRA encourages young people to consciously travel in a climate-friendly way. As part of the project, last weekend 23 participants travelled to the CIPRA annual conference in Liechtenstein, showing how it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions in small increments. They calculated their consumption for that day, consuming points for each activity – eating, travelling, taking a shower – and for each product – apple, coffee, computer game on a mobile phone. The aim was to consume no more than 100 points per person per day.

The “Youth Alpine Express” project is supported by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety and the EU Erasmus+ programme. The YAPP web platform was created through the collaboration of CIPRA International, Alparc and Educ'Alpes, and is funded by the European “Youth in Action” programme and the Gerda Techow Foundation.

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