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Awards for attractive, well-built constructions

Nov 18, 2017
At the end of October 2017 in Bern, Switzerland, Constructive Alps crowned the winning projects, demonstrating that Alpine architecture can not only be pleasing on the eye, but sustainable too.
Image caption:
The Constructive Alps jury awarded top marks in every area to the newly built primary school in the Austrian municipality of Brand. © Caroline Begle

The aim of the competition, being held last year for the fourth time, was to promote sustainable construction projects across the Alpine region. The 261 submissions from every Alpine country were scrutinised by an international jury which, in addition to architectural quality, leaned heavily towards a holistic, sustainable approach. Consideration was accordingly given in the assessment not only to energy aspects, but also to the social and economic added value of the projects.

The jury decided that the newly built primary school in the Austrian municipality of Brand merited first place: it offered timeless architecture adapted to its surroundings, the consistent use of wood – an important local resource – and a very good energy balance. Joint second place was awarded to two projects in Austria (in Salzburg and Carinthia), while next came Italy with a project from Trentino. «The projects show how, in a sensitive region like the Alps, it is possible to build in a way that is at the same time both considerate and innovative», says Köbi Gantenbein, head juror and editor-in-chief of the Hochparterre publishing house, highlighting the strengths of the award-winning projects.

The architecture award is sponsored by Switzerland and Liechtenstein, with CIPRA International providing technical and organisational support. A publication in the Hochparterre magazine and a touring exhibition on Constructive Alps offer those interested the opportunity to find out more about the projects. Until the end of February 2018 the exhibition will be hosted at the Alpine Museum in Bern, Switzerland, which was also the venue for the awards ceremony held in late October 2017.

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