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Awakening and change

Aug 09, 2017
“Us first” was the pervasive motto in 2016, more so than ever before. In the light of a global political and social climate of isolation it is all the more important for CIPRA to stand up for values such as solidarity, co-operation, environmental protection, and justice.

Which is why, in 2016, CIPRA International was focused particularly on working within networks. At the beginning of the year the action groups of the macro-regional strategy for the Alpine Region began their work. Between representatives of the regions, ministries, NGOs, municipalities and the scientific community, new stakeholders from the Alpine region were grouped together for the first time and therefore had to make their voices heard and establish their roles.

Within the framework of the Alpine Convention, CIPRA was – with the help of other observer organisations – able to contribute its expertise on key documents of the Alpine Convention and establish sustainable development issues. These included the Murnau/D declaration on sustainable regional development in the Alps, the ministerial declaration on the promotion of sustainable economy in the Alps, and the 2017-2022 multi-annual work programme of the Alpine Convention. Finally, in October, the Alpine Conference provided the opportunity to showcase the work that had been achieved.

Thanks to its involvement in various working groups, platforms, conferences and workshops CIPRA International was able to participate in the various themes and establish and consolidate its networks. The expertise of CIPRA was as much in demand as its clear positioning and demands.

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“For years we have been advocating closer co-operation in international sustainability policy between the state and civil society. CIPRA International plays a particularly important role here, in the Alpine region.”

Panagiotis Potolidis-Beck, Principality of Liechtenstein’s Office for Foreign Affairs