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Studies and conference on rail network extensions in the Alpine Rhine region

Oct 09, 2003 / alpMedia
The A13/E43 network has commissioned a study in the border region between Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein with the following basic requirements for the future provision of public passenger transport services: Rail links to the large agglomerations in southern Germany and from the upper Rhine valley to the central areas of southern Germany and western Austria; expansion of the S-Bahn network in the region comprising eastern Switzerland, the eastern area of Lake Constance and the upper Rhine valley; development of tram/suburban railway systems such a half-hourly S-Bahn link between Feldkirch/A and Buchs/CH.
In essence the work follows on with concrete proposals from the two completed studies BODAN-RAIL 2020 and Nachhaltiger Verkehr im Oberen Rheintal [Sustainable Transport in the Upper Rhine Valley].
To implement the cross-border transport plans, the A13/E43 network is convening an international conference entitled Zu(g)kunft im Länderviereck [The Future of Rail in the Border Region] to be held on the island of Lindau/D on 8 November. The Conference's objectives include exchanging the latest information on transport planning in the four adjacent countries and improved cross-border networking within the organisations.
Another project is the extension of the route Lindau - Munich. Bavaria and Deutsche Bahn recently ratified the contract for the extension of this route. Switzerland is supporting the project financially.
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