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No GMO-free zone in Upper Austria says EU

Sep 11, 2003 / alpMedia
The EU Commission has rejected Austria's request to approve national measures for a three-year ban on genetically modified organisms. The federal province of Upper Austria was to have been declared a GMO-free zone. The government of the province of Upper Austria felt that a general ban on genetically modified seed stock was justified inasmuch as the issue of the coexistence of agricultural methods of cultivation with and without genetically modified organisms had not yet been fully resolved.
Environmental protection organisations and various parties in Austria are demanding that the Austrian federal provinces unite on this issue and together achieve a ban on genetically modified organisms through litigation. They feel that Upper Austria should risk taking its case before the European Court. Following Upper Austria's example other federal provinces had passed laws against gene technology. Cross-border approaches exist in the Alpe-Adria region and in Bavaria. Opponents demand that the alliance against gene technology be strengthened to protect organic farming and consumers. Since July of this year it is within the jurisdiction of EU member states to adopt protective measures at national level.
Sources and information: (de), GLOBAL 2000 03.09.2003 (de)
Filed under: biology, ecology, law