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Germany: Regional and ecological produce for Allgäu clinics

Aug 14, 2003 / alpMedia
In future clinics in the Allgäu region are to be provided with nutritionally balanced meals made from regional and ecological produce. Bavaria's Agricultural Minister Josef Miller referred to the brand programme Aus gutem Grund [On Good Grounds] as a milestone in regional marketing. He added that the initiative could well pave the way for the use of regional produce in community catering.
Up to 300 farmers from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are to supply centralised systems-based kitchens, where the produce is processed and distributed. This ensures short transport routes and boosts consumer confidence in the regional provenance and quality of the produce. According to Miller regional marketing is also an important contribution to securing the livelihood of farmers.
Source and information: Bavarian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 07.08.2003 (de)