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Colle del Nivolet and Val di Genova, Italy: No more car invasions

Jul 18, 2003 / Francesco Pastorelli
On Sundays in summer in the past few years the high plateau in the area of Colle del Nivolet was regularly transformed into a giant car park. However as of this summer the plateau can be reached only on foot, by bicycle or by shuttle bus.
The high plateau itself is located above 2500 m between the Piemont and the Aosta Valley in the Gran Paradiso National Park, and is famous for its wetlands and moorland. Now, after extensive discussions the National Park in co-operation with Turin Province and local communities took the initiative to close off the last section of the road to private traffic.
Reducing private traffic in touristic mountain regions is an urgent necessity, as shown by a similar measure adopted by the Park Adamello Brenta and the syndicate of the Park's communities in the Val di Genova. In summer the Val di Genova attracts thousands of people. To avoid traffic jams and long columns of traffic on the narrow access road, you now need to pay for a car park ticket for the last section of the route. Only local inhabitants are authorised to use the road between 9.45 a.m. and 6 p.m. The Park operates a shuttle bus as an alternative mode of transport.
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