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Project GreenAlps for more species diversity

Aug 23, 2013 / alpMedia
Laws in future are to aim more directly at promoting ecological networking in the Alps. Regions, protected areas and NGOs, including CIPRA, are therefore jointly initiating the GreenAlps project in the autumn.
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Fire salamanders and other plant and animal species are to get more protection across Europe, with GreenAlps proposing a legal framework. © Schrottie /
Animals and plants must be able to move between habitats and to cross national borders. Various studies and international projects have established why this ecological networking is necessary to maintain species diversity and the quality of life of the denizens of the Alps. Municipalities and regions across the Alps have also experimented with what the public sector can do. For ecological networking to succeed however also requires common framework conditions and funding.
Alparc, the Alpine Network of Protected Areas, several other protected areas, research institutes and NGOs, including CIPRA, are therefore initiating the joint GreenAlps project in September. The aim is to develop the basis for a European-wide environmental policy for the protection of biodiversity in the Alps, drawing on previous experience: there are to be workshops featuring national and international decision-makers, as well as pilot regions formulating their legal requirements at local, national and European level. The "Alliance in the Alps" network of municipalities and the "Alpine Town of the Year" association will, as observers, contribute their experiences and needs at local level.
GreenAlps will run until November 2014 and is co-financed by the European Union's Alpine Space programme. CIPRA International is responsible for communication matters and will be working with the Alpine Rhine Valley.
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