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Jun 20, 2013 / alpMedia
... Honesty pays off in the end. This must have been the thought of a 90-year old inhabitant of the Canton of Wallis who had spent his entire life blasting away at animals against the law.
He claims to have bagged some 350 chamois, of which 100 were illegally killed. Nor were foxes spared: he immediately froze the paws of the animals he shot during the close season so that he could deliver them to the authorities in due time. He also trapped several examples of the lynx, a strictly protected species: "I set snares that would catch them by the head and strangle them." After all, the animals had been secretly released into the wild by environmentalists who had not even asked permission! He however was an honest poacher, the man told a Swiss magazine. Continuing in this spirit of honesty, the WWF and Pro Natura have now reported the matter to the authorities.
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