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Connectivity analysis for cross-border areas in the Alps

Aug 30, 2012 / Marianne Badura
Which cross-border areas between Alpine countries are most relevant for further connectivity activities? To answer this question the Platform Ecological Network of the Alpine Convention has contracted an analysis.
Connectivity of Wildlife Reserves
Image caption:
Especially in cross-border areas connectivity actions need to be coordinated between the neighbouring countries. A recent study shows which areas might be most relevant to focus on. © Antonio Righetti
In a first step the areas have been selected according to criteria like altitude, topography and relevance for connectivity according to the national concepts. As a result, 100 spots have been identified which now have to be investigated more carefully with regard to their particular potential for connectivity, e.g. for representing an area of Alpine-wide importance for ecological connectivity for certain species, for being located in a protected area, etc.
In a second step, the results of the connectivity analysis will be provided to the responsible administrations at national level for starting a bilateral or trilateral dialogue between the Alpine countries: (a) on their priorities of action for ecological connectivity and (b) on how to improve the situation of ecological connectivity in general, e.g. in terms of institutional or administrative cooperation.
Contact for more information: Marianne Badura, Coordinator of the Platform Ecological Network, [email protected]