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Bruno Stephan Walder is new CIPRA director

Bruno Stephan Walder: "I see myself as having a mediating role". © Martin Walser

Inhabitants of the Alpine regions should feel more strongly connected to each other. This is the wish of the new director of CIPRA International, Bruno Stephan Walder.
It is clear from his biography that Bruno Stefan Walder (58) is devoted to the protection and sustainable development of the Alpine regions: as a senior official with the Swiss Federal Office of Environment, he has made some lasting contributions to state environmental policy. The new director of CIPRA International also feels a personal connection to the Alps, having lived the last 30 years in the Engadin and in the Bernese Oberland. He states: "Ever since I was a boy I have always loved being in the Alps."
People in the Alps should have responsibility for determining their own development, hopes Bruno Stefan Walder. "I think it is important that they should attempt to find solutions together with people in the surrounding cities." CIPRA's experience allows it to play a mediating role here, and it is in this mediating role that he sees himself as director. Bruno Stefan Walder will take up his post on 1 May, following the departure of CIPRA's director of many years, Andreas Götz, who is leaving to work in a freelance capacity.
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