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CIPRA's point of view: Knowing how to shape the climate

Apr 26, 2012 / alpMedia
We should discharge no more greenhouse gases than the natural systems in the Alps, such as forests or moorlands, can absorb - CIPRA's vision, set out in its annual report, argues for sustained climate protection.
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Annual report 2011: Stories of how visions become reality. © Heinz Heiss/Zeitenspiegel
In its annual report for 2011, CIPRA indicates ways in which the Alps can be made carbon-neutral and how people can be encouraged to achieve this objective. This vision goes much further than what many hard-nosed politicians believe is feasible, pointing out that it is possible to lead a carbon-neutral existence in the Alps, which will improve the quality of life and be good for the regional economy.
CIPRA's climate projects make it clear where we need to take action and what practical steps can be taken: an administrative director who wants to influence the climate and save the city of Bozen/Bolzano 160 million euros in energy costs; young people to develop ideas of how to slow climate change and motivate people towards greater climate protection; and architects and clients who can show their colleagues how to build comfortable houses while at the same time protecting the climate. It is important for people to meet so they can share their knowledge and experience in order to learn from one another.
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