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ECONNECT's battle and success with data management

Nov 30, 2011 / CIPRA Internationale Alpenschutzkommission
In order to analyse and visualize connectivity on an alpine-wide level as well as on a regional level for the seven Pilot Areas ECONNECT partners needed geographic data.
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The data portal includes a map of 636 ski ressorts in the Alps. One of the main artificial disturbances for black grouse are ski lifts.
Similar as in many other projects, they experienced that excessive time and resources had to be invested for procuring, processing and analysing data from a variety of sources. Therefore ECONNECT recommends making publicly funded data openly available and easily accessible through a centralised data management platform.
ECONNECT researchers set up a repository of geographic data necessary for the analysis of ecological networks, and the detection of barriers for selected species in the Alps. A number of maps were produced for each Pilot Region as well as for the Alps visualising the connections between protected areas in the Pilot Regions and analysis outcomes such as the modelling results for the selected key species on the Alpine-wide level. Collected data and maps are available for the interested public in an online geodata archive.
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