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Innovative online tools to assess and visualise connectivity

Nov 30, 2011 / CIPRA Internationale Alpenschutzkommission
Real connectivity depends on a comprehensive planning process. The complex system of interactions and mechanisms in human societies calls for an analytic and comprehensive approach.
The 'superspecies' application of JECAMI
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The "superspecies" application of JECAMI shows that in the Southwestern Alps only very few areas are suitable for the connectivity needs of selected key species.
In order to analyze and visualize ecological connectivity in the seven Pilot Regions, the Swiss National Park developed, in collaboration with the Arinas Company, a web application called JECAMI - "Joint Ecological Continuum Analyzing and Mapping Initiative". JECAMI is now publically available for own analyses. Try it out and discover the interesting features it offers!
JECAMI combines three different approaches: the analysis of the landscape as a whole in a Continuum Suitability Index (CSI), the distribution and movements of specific key species with the Species Map Application (SMA) and the Connectivity Analysis of Riverine Landscapes (CARL). The CSI service defines a continuum suitability index from the interaction of ten different indices and allows for the measurement of connectivity suitability over a matrix of different areas. Through the SMA-Service it is possible to detect barriers and corridors for a specific animal species. The CARL module allows to study and quantify the fragmentation level of riverine landscapes and to identify the barriers effective in the longitudinal, lateral, vertical and temporal dimension.
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