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Climate plan for South Tyrol

Jul 29, 2011 / alpMedia
The Province of Bolzano wants to become more energy efficient by 2050. Every inhabitant of the Province currently produces around five tonnes of carbon dioxide. The aim is to cut that figure to a mere 1.5 tonnes over the next forty years.
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Eco-tourism: so much energy could be saved with carbon-neutral holiday offers. © Alpenforschungsinstitut
A strategy paper outlines how that is to be achieved. However the document's 150 pages make no mention of the CO2 emissions caused by the import of goods.
The Province of Bolzano is to be a 2200 W society by 2050, which is why it is promoting the expansion of renewable energies and more energy-efficient construction. In forty years electricity from water, sun and wind is to cover 90 per cent of energy requirements. From next year onwards at least 60% of the energy needed for hot water in new builds is to come from renewable sources. And over the next seven years the majority of public buildings is to be upgraded in terms of energy efficiency.
The ambitious yet non-binding strategy entitled "South Tyrol Energy 2050. South Tyrol on the Road to Becoming a Climate Province" does not take account of "grey energy", i.e. the CO2 emissions caused by the import of consumer goods into the province. Every year some six million tourists eat, stay overnight and go shopping in South Tyrol, and yet the Province barely manufactures any of its own goods.
Source: CIPRA South Tyrol