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First solar-powered bus now on the road

Jul 29, 2011 / alpMedia
Since July Europe's first ever electric bus powered exclusively by solar energy has been operating in Perchtoldsdorf/A. The public transport bus seats up to 35 passengers.
Sustainable mobility with solar-powered buses
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Sustainable mobility with solar-powered buses. Traffic is one of the main causes of climate change. © Matthias Partmann
Most of the energy required comes from the photovoltaic system installed on the roof of a leisure centre. Photovoltaic modules are also fitted to the bus itself. Efficient batteries and a quick-and-easy battery change mean that the bus is able to operate up to 250 km a day in urban traffic without any long interruptions for recharging batteries. The electric bus was jointly developed by vehicle manufacturers and universities as part of the Austrian Solarmobil Austria research project. It is undergoing road trials in Perchtoldsdorf until spring 2012.
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