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Background report on "Energy Self-sufficient Regions" now online!

Nov 01, 2010 / CIPRA Internationale Alpenschutzkommission
The latest cc.alps background report is the compact on "Energy Self-sufficient Regions". It is dedicated to this topical, future-oriented issue and takes an in-depth look at the ambitious concept and its conflicts of objectives.
energy self-sufficiency
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Good for the climate and good for the economy: energy self-sufficiency as part of a sustainable regional policy © energieregionGOMS
Autonomy from energy imports is the objective of regions aiming for energy self-sufficiency. Other objectives include covering energy requirements through regional renewable forms of energy, saving energy, and the more efficient use of energy. In the 28-page compact CIPRA highlights ways in which these goals can be achieved. CIPRA has its sights on a grand vision, namely ensuring that the Alps are no longer reliant on the import of fossil fuels by 2050. CIPRA is also calling for the population and key stakeholders to be involved in reshaping the region and also to incorporate the core elements of spatial planning and mobility. Furthermore the compact examines potential obstacles such as the conflict between nature conservation and the construction of energy generating plants, and showcases solutions featuring real-life examples.
The background report is available in German, Italian, French, Slovene and English as a free download at . Other CIPRA compacts on the topics of Construction and Renovation, Transport, Spatial Planning and Nature protection are available in different languages at .