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Leisure: car-free mobility

Jul 07, 2010 / alpMedia
Leisure activities that do not involve the use of cars are now "in", as the increasing number of information packs clearly shows. The Alpine Club South Tyrol (AVS) for instance recently published five new brochures, each featuring 15 to 20 hiking routes whose starting and finishing points can all be reached by public transport. In the series Hiking Without Cars the Alpine Club has compiled a total of some 300 hiking tips for the whole of South Tyrol. As the AVS remarks in a press release, "It should be a priority for tourist regions to adopt measures that promote the use of public transport for travel both to and from destinations as well as for activities at the holiday destination itself".
Hiking without cars: more flexible and more convenient.
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Hiking without cars: more flexible and more convenient. © Brunogere /
The multilingual platform Changer d'approche (Changing Approach) features 7'000 routes throughout the alpine region with connections to the public transport network. Climbers, ski tourers and mountaineers can click their way through maps and lots of other information on the website. The lively forum also offers additional ideas for routes, hiking partners and classified ads for anything from mountain boots to tents.
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