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Maps and data on ECONNECT available online

Mar 26, 2010 / CIPRA Internationale Alpenschutzkommission
The "GeoPortal" which is the central project repository for all spatial data and map products of ECONNECT is now online on Furthermore, the working group "Implementation strategy and data needs" has met to discuss the data situation at the current stage of the project.
GeoNetwork - the portal to spatial data and information
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The GeoPortal is a new interactive tool of the ECONNECT Project. © EURAC Research
The GeoPortal allows browsing, viewing, downloading and uploading data and metadata and also contains an overview map showing all pilot regions in the Alps as well as overview maps for each pilot region showing protected areas and Natura 2000 sites. The maps are available for anyone interested in the ECONNECT Project.
The ECONNECT Working Group "Implementation strategy and data needs" met on 5th February on a workshop in Bolzano/I. The data situation at the current stage of the project was summarised by the work package 4 leader EURAC research, and subsequently discussed by all workshop participants. It has turned out that the spatial data needed for the analysis in the pilot regions, i.e. the calculation of the Continuum Suitability Index, matches the data collected so far. Gaps still remain in some regions where discussions with the administration are ongoing. During the meeting it was pointed out that to make best use of more detailed data sets, the various regional data sets should not be harmonized in a sense to match them to the smallest common denominator.
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