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Feasibility of Alpine Crossing Exchange to be examined at the European level

May 20, 2009 / alpMedia
The transport ministers of Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany, France and Slovenia have commissioned an in-depth analysis relating to the introduction of the Alpine Crossing Exchange. At a meeting of the ministers in Vienna/A a body was entrusted with clarifying the preconditions for the implementation of the three traffic management systems, specifically the Alpine Crossing Exchange, the emissions trading scheme and "Toll plus".
It remains to be seen whether the Alpine Crossing Exchange is established at the European level.
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It remains to be seen whether the Alpine Crossing Exchange is established at the European level. © Gerd Altmann /Pixelio
CIPRA International welcomes this initiative of the transport ministers; indeed, for years now it has been advocating the swift and sweeping introduction of the Alpine Crossing Exchange at the European level to achieve the urgently needed shift of freight traffic from the roads to the railways. The Alpine Crossing Exchange is based on the principle of a limited quota of truck journeys across the Alps, with individual journey rights traded on an internet-based exchange. The environmental organisation Alpine Initiative launched the idea of the Alpine Crossing Exchange as an instrument designed to reduce freight transported by road across the Alps. The technical feasibility and economic compatibility of such an exchange were already confirmed for Switzerland some years ago by an independent study.
According to the Swiss Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) the transport ministers are aiming for a three-stage approach to regulate transit traffic across the Alps. The first phase focuses on promoting the introduction of low-emission trucks. During the second phase the heavy vehicle fee (HVF) of the other Alpine countries is to be brought in line with Swiss levels. The implementation of the "Toll plus" concept is the focal point at this stage. The third phase of the approach looks at the transfer of traffic using steering instruments such as the Alpine Crossing Exchange.
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