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Glittering mountain hut in the Monte Rosa massif

Aug 28, 2008
Construction work began last week on the new Monte Rosa Hut at the foot of the Dufourspitze above Zermatt/CH. The hut, which resembles a glittering rock crystal, is being built by the Swiss Alpine Club in the framework of the 150th anniversary of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.
Monte Rosa
Image caption:
A photomontage of the modern Monte Rosa Hut, which is due to be finished by the end of 2009.
The hut is not only unconventional with regard to the architecture; it also features innovative energy management and technical building services. The intelligent solutions incorporated in the eco-friendly building make it 90% autonomous in terms of energy.
The ambitious project is meant to show the potential for renewable energies in challenging locations and for the construction of almost energy-neutral buildings. The project managers hope that the new hut will also act as a catalyst for buildings in the valley flats.
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