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AlpWeek: Innovation and the Alps - yesterday, today, tomorrow

Mar 14, 2008 / CIPRA Internationale Alpenschutzkommission
11 - 14 June 2008 are the dates of one of this year's most important events in the Alps, involving no fewer than five major networks of the Alpine region (CIPRA, Alpine Network of Protected Areas, Alliance in the Alps, Iscar and Club Arc Alpin).
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The subject of the conference is innovation in the Alps, including a review of the past, analysis of the present and outlook on the future.
This international conference is a key item on the calendar of events for anyone who has been involved in Future in the Alps, participated in the workshops, received inputs from the results of the project or simply followed the progress made.
The agenda includes many topics that relate to Future in the Alps. In the previous century, the Alpine region clearly demonstrated its powers of innovation and today, too, the Alps can make a valuable contribution to an innovative and sustainable future and pass on the knowledge gained. Among other things, the conference will focus on the role of innovation in the development of the economy and of social and cultural aspects for mountain regions, on strategic innovation in response to climate change, and on the challenge of bridging the gap between town and country. Other subjects to be addressed include mobility, networking and knowledge management for the Alps as a living space.
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Seeing old friends, making new contacts
The conference will also provide a last opportunity to meet many of the people who have participated in Future in the Alps. The Future in the Alps project team is inviting attendees to an aperitif at a session that will include a presentation of the results, a slide show of the main activities and events, a few short concluding speeches, and an exhibition of the final products of Future in the Alps. But the main focus will be on the attendees themselves, who will have an opportunity to meet old friends and make new contacts!