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Climate protection: are we doing the right thing?

Mar 14, 2008 / CIPRA Internationale Alpenschutzkommission
Future in the Alps was a success! But CIPRA is moving on and, with fresh energy and new competence, is this time addressing one very important and equally complex topic. The climate is changing.
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Are the measures taken for climate protection and adaptation really sustainable? © CIPRA International
That is a fact, and measures are now being taken in the Alps to mitigate climate change and adapt to its effects. But are these measures sustainable? Or could they have negative consequences for the environment, or for the economy or society?
The consequences of the response to climate change are the subject of CIPRA's new project. The MAVA Foundation for Nature Protection has approved a budget of 1.8 million Swiss francs for eighteen months. In that period, four experts on climate change will collect and process the knowledge needed to address the topic. In addition, successful project organisers are called upon to participate in a competition. The results will form the basis of preparation for knowledge transfer and the choice of pilot regions where the know-how can be incorporated into sustainable projects. The actual knowledge transfer process and implementation in the pilot regions will form the second two and a half year phase of the project.
The new project will enable CIPRA to go a step further and show that not everything that looks sustainable is sustainable.