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Green Paper on urban mobility

Nov 08, 2007 / alpMedia
The European Commission's new Green Paper entitled "Towards a new culture for urban mobility" looks at the mobility and ecology of European towns and cities. In Europe a good 60% of the population lives in urban areas. Just under 85% of the EU's gross domestic product is generated in those areas.
Air and noise pollution, road accidents, congestion and delays are on the increase, resulting in costs of nearly 100 billion euros every year, or around 1% per cent of the EU's GDP.
With its Green Paper the EU aims to provide assistance without dictating solutions from above. Intelligent systems (financial, structural and administrative in nature) are to optimise motorised passenger and freight transport and make public transport, cycling and walking more attractive and safer. Greater use is to be made of technical measures and implemented by local authorities, for example with exemplary green public procurement plan. The Green Paper is to be followed by a consultation process lasting until 15 March 2008. An Action Plan on sustainable urban mobility is to be drawn up in early autumn 2008.
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