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Status report on the lynx in the Alps

Sep 28, 2007 / alpMedia
The Alpine countries have updated their information on the status and distribution of lynx populations on their respective territories for the period 2000 to 2004. The findings are summarised in a new report as part of SCALP (Status and Conservation of the Alpine Lynx Population).
It emerges that the largest lynx population is to be found in the north-western Alps, i.e. in western Switzerland. A second nucleus is located in the south-eastern Alps, i.e. in Italy and Slovenia. While Austria and Switzerland have reported new areas of occurrence, range expansions have been noted in France and Italy.
A census of lynx populations has been carried out using photo traps, and by recording and verifying reports of random sightings and the range of tracks. In total, around 120 to 150 individuals have been estimated across the Alps. Between 60 and 90 lynx are thought to be in Switzerland, and less than 20 in France and in Italy. There are also approximately 15 in the Slovenian Alps and at least four in Austria. Germany and Liechtenstein have yet to be colonised.
To download the report: (en)