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Maps of the Alps available for download from the EURAC Project homepage

Aug 17, 2007 / alpMedia
The homepage of the project entitled AGRALP - Development of Mountain Areas ( ) has been restructured and greatly expanded to offer some 200 theme-based maps for downloading.
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200 theme-based maps of the Alps can be downloaded as PDF documents from the homepage of the AGRALP Project.
All the information is available in English, German and Italian. Besides information about the project itself the homepage provides a comprehensive overview of developments in agricultural structures and demographics at the community level over the past few decades throughout the territory of the Alpine Convention (which includes some 6,000 municipalities) and the individual national territories of Convention member states. A multitude of demographic and above all agricultural data can be retrieved via the internet atlas. It illustrates how the Alps have changed over the past few decades. The data is based on an extensive database of official census figures collated over the past decades. The AGRALP Project is carried out by the Institute for Regional Development and Location Management of the European Academy Bolzano (Eurac Research).
Source and information: (de/it/en)