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International workshop series "Disseminating Knowledge - Networking People" New technologies give a boost to local culture and tradition

Aug 01, 2007 / CIPRA Internationale Alpenschutzkommission
CIPRA successfully pursued its international workshop series on "Disseminating Knowledge - Networking People" with numerous events in May and June.
WS Poschiavo
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Thanks to new technologies remote mountain regions are able - and keen - to open a window on the world
On May 10 and 11 the Grisons Municipality of Poschiavo/CH played host to the workshop entitled "From Peripheral Geographic Location to Virtual Centre: ICT in a Rural-alpine Region". Remote regions such as the valleys of Puschlav (Valposchiavo) and Bergell in Switzerland or the Italian province of Sondrio are not prepared to make do with their remote location. And thanks to new technologies they are able to open a window on the world. This was made quite clear by the presentations at the start of the workshop, which looked at the objectives of a project for a technology centre in Sondrio and the successes and prospects of the Polo Poschiavo and Punto Bregaglia technology centres. The first part of the workshop therefore focused on the potential afforded by technological innovations. The field trip in the Valposchiavo was devoted to synergies between tradition and innovation. It illustrated the commitment of the Polo Poschiavo to supporting projects aimed at boosting local produce, culture and history with the aid of new technologies.
Day 2 was given over to an exchange of experience. It featured presentations of the experience gained with the Talent Exchange and the Holzbaukunst network in Vorarlberg/A. The small Italian municipality of Budoia showcased the success of its organic canteen initiative.
40 participants from Switzerland, Italy and Austria took part in the workshop, including representatives of local authorities and from the neighbouring town of Sondrio. The meals they enjoyed together helped to foster the encounters and exchanges between the participants. A number of media from Switzerland also reported extensively on the event.
The Workshop documents are soon to be posted online at ("Downloads").