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CIPRA's 3rd Alpine Report presents the shapers of the future

Aug 01, 2007 / CIPRA Internationale Alpenschutzkommission
In its 3rd Alpine Report, to be published in autumn 2007, CIPRA is making the results of Future in the Alps available to a broad public.
The book, which is in two parts, talks about the people who are shaping the future in the Alps. The first part of the book describes fifteen exemplary, trendsetting projects and initiatives from throughout the Alpine region which act as a role model and show how economic activity and living in harmony with nature can function. The second part provides the scientific background to these examples of good practice, examines them in depth, and puts them into an overall Alpine context.
CIPRA will also be publishing a CD with teaching and learning materials in the autumn as part of Future in the Alps. The CD is intended for universities and other education establishments, with the aim of conveying first and foremost the results of alpKnowhow.