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New publications: Risk management and 100 years of Géographie Alpine

Jul 19, 2007
The five chapters of the current edition of the Revue de Géographie Alpine look at risk management systems of urban alpine areas as well as early warning systems and crisis management strategies at regional policy level.
The authors analyse examples taken from France, Italy, Slovenia and Mexico. Bibliography: Revue de Géographie Alpine/Journal of Alpine Research; ISSN 0035-1121 Institut de Géographie Alpine, Grenoble (fr,en).
To mark its 100th anniversary the Institut de Géographie Alpine has also issued a publication containing articles from the magazines dating back to 1913. The Institute's activities over the years are showcased along with explanations of various scientific approaches which have influenced the Institute and which remain valid to this day. Bibliography: "Ces Géographes qui écrivent les Alpes. Une relecture de la Revue de Géographie Alpine à travers le siècle" - FOURNY Marie-Christine, SGARD Anne, 2007 (fr).