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An outgoing airport for the Allgäu

Jun 22, 2007
In the view of the project's initiators the opening of the Memmingerberg regional airport in the Allgäu/D on 28 June represents the "opportunity of the century". Bavaria subsidised the project to the tune of €7.3 m, with total investments amounting to €20 m.
The tourism industry is now looking forward to a sharp rise in the number of holidaymakers from the north of the country. However such hopes are pitted against many critical aspects. Indeed a look at the initial booking figures does raise doubts. Departing passengers account for around 75% of all bookings, with arrivals making up only 25% - and this in one of Germany's most popular holiday destinations. Flight operations are to be handled by the low-cost airline subsidiary Tuifly, part of the Tui Group. Tuifly is aiming to fly from Memmingen to mainly traditional holiday destinations in southern Europe, with only a few connections to German cities. The main region of origin for tourists to the Allgäu, i.e. North Rhine-Westphalia/D, is not on the flight schedule.
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