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The future of provision for elementary requirements in the Alpine region: challenges - opportunities - examples of successes

May 16, 2007 / CIPRA Internationale Alpenschutzkommission
The fourth workshop in the international series of workshops "Disseminating Knowledge - Networking People" was held in Warmbad-Villach (A) on February 28 and May 1.
More than 100 people from Austria, Italy, France and Germany took part in the workshop.
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More than 100 people from Austria, Italy, France and Germany took part in the workshop. Amt der Kärntner Landesregierung
The problems that arise as a result of the thinning-out of the population in peripheral areas provided the starting point for the event: they include the closure and/or relocation of grocer's shops, post offices, police stations, kindergartens and schools. Young people and anyone with better levels of education are tending to move away. So an adequate offer of services to provide for elementary requirements is a prerequisite for quality of life and economic power in rural areas, and for governance capacity. Such are the findings not just of the partners in the PUSEMOR Team, but also of experts from the Future in the Alps project.
The event revolved around examples of good practice of CIPRA's Future in the Alps Project and the 25 PUSEMOR pilot projects from all the participating Alpine and mountain regions. Day 1 of the workshop comprised two general inputs and several project presentations as well as a project exhibition. Day 2 consisted of a half-day field trip for the inauguration of the first i-Service point in a Carinthian municipality. It was followed by workshops in small groups and a concluding plenary session.
The event was attended by more than 100 participants, with around 60 from Austria, 25 from Italy, 10 from France and Germany respectively, and 5 from Slovenia. Prominent politicians were also present in the person of two members of the provincial government. There was also a strong media presence at the press conference and the field trip, with radio and TV items broadcast by ORF Carinthia.
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