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European Parliament approves new flood directive

May 10, 2007 / alpMedia
With the new directive on flood protection the EU has agreed on the assessment and prevention of flood risks.
Hochwasser (Salzburg)
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The new European Directive enables improved cross-border flood protection ©
The flood directive is aimed at minimising the impact of floods, which are occurring more frequently due to climate change, with a common, cross-border flood protection.
In terms of content the directive provides for a strategy schedule that comprises assessing the flood risk, compiling flood risk maps and devising flood risk management plans in the areas at risk. The management plan focuses on prevention and protection. Floodplains are therefore to be maintained and/or restored and additional structural measures avoided whenever possible. However the new directive still does not contain stringent regulations concerning man-made flood protection devices; environmental associations and the WWF have criticised the directive for not going far enough.
Source and information: (de/fr/it/sl/en) 25.04.2007
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