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Indoor ski venues closing in on the Alps

Mar 01, 2007 / alpMedia
It's not just in the desert state of Dubai that indoor ski runs are proving increasingly popular, but also in Europe. No snow means no revenue, and the mild weather is giving Europe's ski resorts a serious headache, one which the ski industry is hoping to relieve with artificial snow and indoor venues, regardless of global warming issues.
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Winterdestination Dubai? © Tobias Zuber
Indoor ski venues are now slowly closing in on the Alps, too, which are no longer able to guarantee snow-covered pistes throughout. Switzerland's cable-car operators for instance are studying the feasibility of an indoor ski run in the country's Mittelland region. The indoor piste is to be built in the centrally located and accessible region of Egerkingen in the Canton of Solothurn. An indoor venue is also under discussion in the municipality of Bischofsgrün in north eastern Bavaria/D.
Most existing indoor ski runs are located within easy reach on the outskirts of large cities and are open all year round. Regardless of the temperature outside they provide a constant covering of snow and steady light conditions 365 days a year. Environmental circles are highly critical of the indoor ski runs.
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