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Boosting cross-alpine rail freight traffic

Nov 30, 2006 / alpMedia
The Adriazug pilot project has been launched in a bid to reduce the burden of HGV traffic on transit routes through the Alps.
Güterzug in den Alpen
Image caption:
Die Verlagerung des transalpinen Güterverkehrs auf die Schiene bringt wirtschaftliche und ökologische Vorteile © Nil Bechtiger,
A genuine alternative to road traffic is to be created by improving the rail link between economic areas in southern Germany and Austria and the Mediterranean ports of Trieste/I and Koper/SL. Adriazug is part of the Alpine Freight Railway (AlpFRail) EU project, the technical management of which has been handed over by the EU to the Logistik-Kompetenz-Zentrum (LKZ) in Prien/D.As a block train for container traffic the Adriazug could well be up and running from early 2007 onwards, operating every working day between Munich - Salzburg - Villach - Trieste and Koper. As market analyses have shown, 845 HGVs could be taken off the roads and onto the rails along this route every month. Besides the benefits to the environment, data from the LKZ shows that from a purely economical viewpoint the train would also be an interesting proposition. At present some 45,000 HGVs are currently transported by rail every year as part of the first AlpFRail module, the Tauerbahn Action Plan.

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