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New brochure on International Mountain Partnerships

Nov 16, 2006 / alpMedia
The Alpine Convention as such is not transferable to other regions. However many of its principles and the experience gained with the Alpine process in particular have proved of value to the sustainable development of non-alpine mountain regions.
KonferenzteilnehmerInnen in Bischkek
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Konferenz in Bischkek 2005: Teilnehmende aus Zentralasien, den Alpen und dem Kaukasus. © CIPRA International
A new brochure has now been published on the subject of international mountain partnerships, as part of a keynote event held during Austria's Chair of the Alpine Convention (de/fr/en).
The brochure provides an overview of the activities undertaken by the contracting parties to the Alpine Convention with other mountain regions: In Central Asia and the Caucasus for instance the sustainable development of mountain regions is being promoted at the local level in particular. It is an area in which the network of municipalities "Alliance in the Alps" and CIPRA, the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps, are able to contribute their expertise. The alliances of central Asian and Caucasian mountain communities benefit from that know-how. Experience at government level has also been exchanged as part of the Alps-Carpathian partnership. The Chair of the Alpine Convention supported the negotiation process between the Carpathian countries over the Carpathian Convention.
Bibliography: Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (publisher): International Mountain Partnerships, Vienna. 45 pages.